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The Ruban Laboratory has an advanced array of spectroscopic and biochemical methods at its disposal below are the highlights...

Picosecond Lifetime Fluorimeter (PicoQuant)
for the measurement of fluorescence lifetimes.

Spectrofluorimeter (Jobin Yvon) for the measurement of room temperature and 77K fluorescence emission and excitation spectra.

AKTA Purifier FPLC system (GE Healthcare) for the purification and analysis of membrane proteins and domains by gel filtration and ion-exchange chromatography.

The instrumental LabLifetime Fluorimeter Spectrofluorimeter Dual-PAM

Summit HPLC System (Dionex) for the analysis of photosynthetic pigments and tocopherols from plant extracts, membranes and proteins by reverse phase hydrophobic interaction chromatography.

Dual-PAM 100 Fluorimeter and P700 absorption device (Walz)
for the measurement of fast and slow chlorophyll fluorescence induction kinetics and Photosystem I associated absorption changes (P700).

Iso-electric Focusing System (GE Healthcare)
for the flat-bed separation and purification of membrane proteins.


Imaging-PAM (Walz) for the imaging of fluorescence induction kinetics and parameters.

PAM-101 Fluorimeter (Walz) for the measurement of slow fluorescence induction kinetics and state transitions.

OLIS DW2000 Dual-Wavelength Spectrophotometer (SLM instruments) for the measurement of absorption spectra and kinetics.

Optical Multichannel Analyser (OMA) (EG&G) for the measurement of fluorescence spectra

Imaging-PAM PAM-101 Dw2000OMA

Plant growth facilities