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Professor Rienk van Grondelle, Dr Jan Dekker, Dr John Kennis, The Free University, Amsterdam, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Centre of Biophysics. Netherlands.

Dr Bruno Robert, Department of Biology, Centre d’Etudes Nucleaires de Saclay, Gif sur Yvette, France.

Professor Niel Hunter, University of Sheffield, UK.

Dr Matt Johnson, University of Sheffield, UK.

Professor Stefan Jansson, Umea University, Sweden.

Dr Erik Murchie, Department of Biosciences, University of Nottingham, UK.

Professor Egbert Boekema, Groningen University, The Netherlands.

Professor Conrad Mullineaux, Queen Mary University of London, UK.

Professor Leonas Valkunas, Chair of Theoretical Physics, Faculty of Physics, Vilnius University, Lithuania

Dr Christophe Brunet, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Naples, Italy.

Professor Arvi Freiberg, Tartu University, Estonia.

Dr Tjaart Krüger, University of Pretoria, South Africa.