Maurtian Skink Analysis

The program used in the analysis is being developed for public release here

The original version of the program used in Nichols and Freeman (2003) Molecular Ecology is available (as a Pascal text file). It would take considerable effort to modify it to run for another data set, but you could try contacting for advice.  This is the version used to analyse the synthetic dataset produced by EASYPOP.  An example input file for this old program is here.  

The original data is  presented here as a series of Excell files, one for each population.

Orange tails on Flat Island
Bojers population
    Flat Island
    Pigeon Rock
    Round island

Within each file, each row refers to an individual.  The two alleles at each locus are listed as numbers representing the allele length. Values in green have been obtained in re-runs since the analysis described in the paper. After this data, a list of all alleles at each locus is given along with the corrections made in the light of mis-scoring, and the combining of alleles that appear to differ by less than a complete repeat unit.  

Please consult if you wish to use these data for publication.