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A high-throughput DNA test for the BROWN MARMORATED STINK BUG is now available from the Clare Lab

Brown marmorated stink bug has expanded its global range in recent years and become a major agricultural pest of a wide range of crops. As a generalist insect, able to feed on more than 100 different host-plant species, outbreaks often result in substantial economic damage.

The insects target flower buds and fruiting bodies causing scarring, discolouration and deformed produce.

BMSB Damage

The pest causes substantial losses in arable field crops, vegetables, fruit and nuts and has invaded agricultural areas of North America, Europe and was recently found in the UK.

A collaboration between the Clare Lab and NIAB EMR funded by the BBSRC via the AHDB has now developed a high-throughput sequencing diagnostic for BMSB which has been validated against accepted EU eDNA detection metrics as a level 4/5 diagnostic. It has been tested on degraded and fragmentary material (e.g. dried emerged eggs, contaminated material) and has proved highly effective.

If you would like to use this diagnostic or contract us to perform diagnostics for BMSB please contact for service requests.

BMSB Image

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